Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday, January 27 Our treat for the weekend after a week of hard work was to go to the Seattle Temple. It is in Bellevue and out of the mission, so we had to get permission. It's a good thing we went because it didn't look like anyone in Seattle was going. There was one other man and 5 other women in our session. We loved it and the Temple was huge compared to Boise. It reminded me on the inside of the Provo Temple, meaning I was turned around and lost as to where to go. After the Temple we stopped at Deseret Book. I can always find something there. Then our next treat was a visit with Terah Young. She was up here on a medical conference so we picked her up from her meetings and went to dinner and had a fun visit. I love my laurel connection that just continues. She gave us a taste of home and we ate it up. Even with a GPS telling us where to go, we still got messed up twice. That is really frustrating especially with the roads and traffic around here. We survived and ready for another week. It's transfers again so things will be turned upside down as missionaries move and new ones arrive. We have 24 new ones coming. We get them welcomed, teamed up and fed and say good bye to the departing missionaries. It's a big week. After last transfers I decided there shouldn't be any more transfers until after our mission is done - it's too hectic. Don't think it will happen that way though. Here's a bit of science for you. We are in the capital of "gooey ducks." They are actually called Geoduck and live in the Sound off Whidbey Island. They let them harvest them according to a quota and certain times of the year. They had it last week and they are ugly things. They look like clams with long fleshy growth out of the clam that can grow over 3 feet long. They sell them in the Orient for sushi and one clam can go for over $60. They live in the mud on the bottom of the Sound, so that doesn't sound very appealing to me. Then some live to the age of 100, and right there it indicated "tuff" meat to me. Look their pictures up on google. They are strange. This is a unique tidbit from Washington State. Sign language class was very interesting this week. We learned LDS signs. They were fascinating and my favorite was Jesus. I'll show it to you when I get home. My new desire is to work in the Primary and teach sign songs. See, they don't care if you can't carry a tune when you sign. Any one in a position to let the Bishop know for me to prepare him for my next calling, feel free to deliver the news. These signs were so different that we will do two weeks on learning and reviewing them before we go on. I practice on the office workers and Jerry all the time. I am very slow though. A package arrived this week from Connie's family in Japan. The interesting thing is that our mission president opened that area in 1968 on his mission. I gave him the cookies that arrived and sent the folders, sticker, pens, etc. on to the grandkids. They look forward to this every year. I kept the big calendar and now our walls have decoration on them. I feel like a teenager with posters on the walls. I sent them Almond Roca. Did I mention that Almond Roca is made in Tacoma - their home town speciality and it's the 100 year anniversary for them. I need to visit the factory before we leave. Our good weather has ended and we are back to rain. It was beautiful while it lasted and people are planting primroses already. It's usually in the 30's and 40's. I'm looking forward to the daffodil and tulip festvals that come in March and April. Have fun with your ice and snow. The internet from the Church was down all Friday. Don't know what happened, but when you don't have SLC on your side, you don't have anything. I think there is a correlation there. We shopped for the big lucheon for the missionaries. Yes, a great day at Costco again. Never thought I'd love going to Costco. Jerry has been shopping for furniture and apartments - getting them ready for the incoming missionaries. I think our roles are reversed. He knows where all the stores are - he just won't let me in. He's really learning the area and feeling more confident in his calling. We won't talk about mine. I did find the center bar on excel this week. You might laugh and say, "elementary," but I was thrilled with my new knowledge. I only have 6 missing baptims left to track down. The missionaries call them in but don't send in the paper work and it's like a detective investigation looking for these names. Next week I will give you totals of baptisms as I am almost there. Hoping at transfers I get the missing papers. Have a good week and we'll try to survive too.

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