Saturday, August 31, 2013

P.S. on Aug 31 entry. Jerry proofed by entry and wanted me to correct my mistake and tell all that the missionaries WEREN'T hurt. Sorry for the mistake.
August 31 It has been a hard week for the missionaries. One set got harassed by a group of men and when they tried to leave one of the group claimed the elder drove over his foot. He said he was going to sue, or the elder should just give him some money. The elders called the police and the seniors to come. The police said they had done the right thing, but they'd have to send the man to the hospital for security sake. Of course, nothing was wrong with his foot, but the incident really shook up the elders. Why are people so mean and confrontational? Then another set of elders were hit from behind in their car which pushed them into the car in front of them. Thank goodness they were hurt, but a three car collision was a mess. Then on Thursday the rains came. I haven't seen rain like that since I lived in Virginia. It was "Park" day - meaning the missionaries are on foot or bike. All got really wet. Good thing we had a nice warm day. I'm including a picture of the sisters when they came into the office to look for another umbrella. They were literally dripping water. I don't know if the storm had anything to do with it, but our internet firewall went bad and we can't do anything on the computers. Salt Lake is sending a replacement, but with the holiday and all we don't know when it will arrive. We are literally at a standstill. I was able to do a few things over the phone - it's like back to the old days of communication. I hope next week proves better. Our fun news was that Kyle, Melissa and Avery arrived for the Labor Day weekend Friday evening as we got off work. We took them to our favorite seafood local restaurant. Avery loved the beach afterwards. On Saturday we were up early to catch the ferry from Bremerton to Seattle. What a beautiful ride it was. Seattle was a zoo with tons of people because of the holiday and the big game of BSU vs. WU. Went to Pike Place Market and the gross gum wall and then upscaled the outing with a visit to the Temple. Kyle and Melissa then went to the football game and we took Avery to the zoo. Tacoma has a very cute zoo with elephants, polar bears, lots of sea creatures and mountain wild life. Avery loved the penguins and I loved the ardvark (got to see him up close on a walk). We will enjoy them for two more days and then they head back to where we love, but in a couple of months we'll be right there too. Miss you all and can't wait to be home again. Love, Jerry and Carolyn

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Saturday, August 24 We survived transfers on Tuesday and the rest of the week we worked at finding where all the missionaries were now located. It's quite the mix up. The farewell testimonial meeting for the departing missionaries is always moving. They certainly show their growth. Here are some of my favorite quotes from them: "I can do all things. The most wonderful news there ever was. He'll help me find my voice. How can I keep this gift to myself. The Joy is in the work." One elder gave a great story about chickens. He said one day the chickens went to see a chicken who knew how to fly. They learned to fly, then they walked home. On a mission you learn to fly - you can never walk again, but you now spiritually fly and should never forget this. President and Sister Weaver gave the greatest wrap up to the meeting. Sister Weaver had spoken at the Stake Young Women's "Run for Virtue" activity with Elaine Dalton. Sister Dalton told the girls, "You have been taught longer by the Savior than any one else. This generation was in the preexistence longer - held there longer - so you can bring in the Second Coming." Then President Weaver said, "What are you going to do about it?" What responsibility this young generation has and they are equal to it. Rewarded ourselves after a long week of work with a day on the Sound. A couple in our ward invited us boating on the Sound. It was fun seeing the area from the water. We boated around and then pulled onto a beach area and gathered drift wood for a fire to roast hot dogs on. While the fire was getting good and hot we picked black berries that were just growing wild. It was a beautiful and relaxing day and amazing to watch the tide come in and creep up the beach - rather quickly. I'll post some pictures of the day. Our count down is starting to swiftly go by. We are down to 80 days. We will end strong, just like our children taught us to do. Love, Jerry and Carolyn

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Saturday, August 17 An interesting week. We started with a great missionary story as told by the President in the office meeting. It seems that the four elders living in a not the nicest part of town, were awaked with flashlights in their faces by the police. They had been sound asleep and hearing nothing when the police told them that they had been robbed and they needed to tell the police what was missing. They got up and looked around and told the police that nothing was missing. The police said they had been called and the missionaries door was wide open so someone had broken in and taken all their stuff. The missionaries said again that nothing was missing. The police said, "But where are your TV's, stereos, games, videos, etc.?" The missionaries said that they couldn't have that kind of stuff as they were missionaries. The police just shook their heads and laughed thinking these are four 20 year olds that don't have anything? The burglar must have thought the same thing or that someone beat him to the robbery. Hopefully the robber took some Book of Mormons - they had boxes of those. I'm sure he'll read and turn his life around. (Hopeful thinking.) Turned in about 17 Baptisms this week. The missionaries are working hard. I love recording baptisms. I can do that really well. Believe it or not but we worked on a parents' letter that included getting ready for Christmas. Yes, it's August and we are thinking of Christmas. We are also getting ready for transfers on Tuesday. There are so many items of mail to take to the missionaries coming in for transfers - shoulder bags that have been sent by parents according to the new dress standard sent out from the Church. They are to look more professional, but can now wear kaki pants. Times are changing. We had Lindsay and Matt's anniversary this week, Alison's birthday, announcement that Nathan made Eagle Scout, and a great letter from McKay. He's going to be a great missionary. The family is doing well and we are so grateful. Grandkids are getting ready and in school and doing so well and are excited for the new adventure. We are excited to be able to see them again and go to their events. Saturday we went to see Snoqualmie Falls with another senior couple from Idaho Falls. I'll post a picture. It was a very pretty sight in a beautiful mountain area. The mountain over looking it is called Mt. Si and a favorite place to hike. We ate at a little "Diner, Dives and Drive Ins" type restaurant famous for their claim to fame as the place where some filming was done for the TV series "Twin Peaks." Then on the way back we visited the Almond Roca Factory, ate samples, bought presents and saw that Elvis had been there before us. He must have liked Almond Roca too. Never knew that it originated in Tacoma and got its fame from WWII because it was packaged in tins and could be sent to the soldiers. Also went to a glass blowing studio and saw people blow their own projects. It was a nice day and gave us new enthusiasm to make it through another transfer. Hope you all have a good coming week too. Connie and family sent us a bucket of candy - 100 pieces to count down our 100 days left. I think we ate a month on Friday. We are in the 80's now - but who's counting. Love, Carolyn and Jerry

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Saturday, August 10 Our week started out with a wonderful time with the missionaries. We had the annual mission Bar-B-Q with the President and senior elders cooking. The picture shows there is more smoke than cooking, but everything turned out well. The missionaries love to get together with each other. The other picture shows how much they do love each other. They are singing and just enjoying. They really become each other's family and it shows what good families they come from that they can help and support each other. They did skits about the new shoulder bag instead of back packs that's the new directive. They can be very creative. President and Sister Weaver gave out fun awards like: little model cars to the bike elders because Sister Weaver worries about the elders on bikes and wants they all to have cars; a medical award to Elder Burt for passing his kidney stone - "The Golden Stone Award"; we seniors got Dad's root beer for the Mom and Pop award; most placed Book of Mormons, referrals, etc. Everyone got an award even WA-TAC rulers because we all measure up. They were all tickled. The President gave a very insightful talk about Samuel Smith the first missionary of the Church. He said he only gave out one Book of Mormon on his mission and sold only one, but they were to Brigham Young's brother and sister and as a result both Brigham and Heber C. Kimball were baptized. You never know your influence. I'm sure it uplifted the missionaries. It's so easy to get discouraged. Saturday we had another adventure. We drove up to Whidbey Island to see the tall ships festival. We got on the island over Deception Pass Bridge. What a gorgeous site. I tried to get a good picture. This bridge was built in 1935, part of President Roosevelt's Work Projects. It has a fascinating background. "In the spring of 1792, Captain George Vancouver of the H.M.S. Discovery sent Master Joseph Whidbey and a small exploring party through the pass, Vancouver had already dismissed the pass as a large river due to the strong current. Whidbey proved the narrow passage we call Deception did not lead into a small bay, as chartered by the Spaniards, but was a deep turbulent channel. This channel completely divided the mainland from its supposed peninsula thus, making the peninsula an island. Vancouver named the land south of the Pass Whidbey Island in honor of Master Whidbey and corrected his charts to read Deception Pass because he felt he had been deceived by the nature of the fast moving water." That's how history reads. Then we drove down to Coupeville to see the ships and darling harbor town where an arts and crafts show was going one. Just my cup of tea. We ate wonderful fair food and shopped the booths and took in the scenery and then came back by way of a ferry ride. A beautiful day in Washington. Hope I haven't bored you all with Washington history which I love.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Saturday, August 3 I'll explain the pictures I'm posting. They are to show the high and low of this week. The Rainier cherries are to show the beauty and deliciousness of Washington. I bought some more this week and have been gorging myself. They are very expensive but so worth it. I never knew they existed since we live in the Bing world of cherries. If you ever see them, splurge and try them. Now for the lows. After working so hard with our elder who suffers from asthma and allergies, he had to go home. It has been strange weather this last month - no rain - he came here when we were at our worse. We cleaned his apartment, got some new furniture and fans, had caulking changed and rugs cleaned, but he just couldn't sleep or get relief. He was so nice. We felt badly losing him. Worked on baptisms most of the week. The missionaries are really getting better about getting their forms in - don't have as many outstanding with no report baptisms. I feel this is the most important thing I do. Now to explain the next picture. We were planning an outing to Whidbey Island this morning when Jerry told Elder Trotter, a retired chiropractor, that I had a stiff neck. He said, "Let's adjust that before we go and you'll have a better day." Well after extreme pain, passing out, sweating profusely, and throwing up for two hours we never made it to Whidbey Island. I think my Meniere's Disease acted up and the inner ear had to calm down. I'm feeling better tonight, so hopefully that is behind us and I can function this coming week. Hence the toilet. Aren't you all thrilled I shared that with you. Well this is a unique post. Hope all of you have had a better weekend than I have. We miss you and the 100 day count down starts tomorrow. Love, Carolyn and Jerry