Saturday, August 24, 2013

Saturday, August 24 We survived transfers on Tuesday and the rest of the week we worked at finding where all the missionaries were now located. It's quite the mix up. The farewell testimonial meeting for the departing missionaries is always moving. They certainly show their growth. Here are some of my favorite quotes from them: "I can do all things. The most wonderful news there ever was. He'll help me find my voice. How can I keep this gift to myself. The Joy is in the work." One elder gave a great story about chickens. He said one day the chickens went to see a chicken who knew how to fly. They learned to fly, then they walked home. On a mission you learn to fly - you can never walk again, but you now spiritually fly and should never forget this. President and Sister Weaver gave the greatest wrap up to the meeting. Sister Weaver had spoken at the Stake Young Women's "Run for Virtue" activity with Elaine Dalton. Sister Dalton told the girls, "You have been taught longer by the Savior than any one else. This generation was in the preexistence longer - held there longer - so you can bring in the Second Coming." Then President Weaver said, "What are you going to do about it?" What responsibility this young generation has and they are equal to it. Rewarded ourselves after a long week of work with a day on the Sound. A couple in our ward invited us boating on the Sound. It was fun seeing the area from the water. We boated around and then pulled onto a beach area and gathered drift wood for a fire to roast hot dogs on. While the fire was getting good and hot we picked black berries that were just growing wild. It was a beautiful and relaxing day and amazing to watch the tide come in and creep up the beach - rather quickly. I'll post some pictures of the day. Our count down is starting to swiftly go by. We are down to 80 days. We will end strong, just like our children taught us to do. Love, Jerry and Carolyn

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