Saturday, August 31, 2013

August 31 It has been a hard week for the missionaries. One set got harassed by a group of men and when they tried to leave one of the group claimed the elder drove over his foot. He said he was going to sue, or the elder should just give him some money. The elders called the police and the seniors to come. The police said they had done the right thing, but they'd have to send the man to the hospital for security sake. Of course, nothing was wrong with his foot, but the incident really shook up the elders. Why are people so mean and confrontational? Then another set of elders were hit from behind in their car which pushed them into the car in front of them. Thank goodness they were hurt, but a three car collision was a mess. Then on Thursday the rains came. I haven't seen rain like that since I lived in Virginia. It was "Park" day - meaning the missionaries are on foot or bike. All got really wet. Good thing we had a nice warm day. I'm including a picture of the sisters when they came into the office to look for another umbrella. They were literally dripping water. I don't know if the storm had anything to do with it, but our internet firewall went bad and we can't do anything on the computers. Salt Lake is sending a replacement, but with the holiday and all we don't know when it will arrive. We are literally at a standstill. I was able to do a few things over the phone - it's like back to the old days of communication. I hope next week proves better. Our fun news was that Kyle, Melissa and Avery arrived for the Labor Day weekend Friday evening as we got off work. We took them to our favorite seafood local restaurant. Avery loved the beach afterwards. On Saturday we were up early to catch the ferry from Bremerton to Seattle. What a beautiful ride it was. Seattle was a zoo with tons of people because of the holiday and the big game of BSU vs. WU. Went to Pike Place Market and the gross gum wall and then upscaled the outing with a visit to the Temple. Kyle and Melissa then went to the football game and we took Avery to the zoo. Tacoma has a very cute zoo with elephants, polar bears, lots of sea creatures and mountain wild life. Avery loved the penguins and I loved the ardvark (got to see him up close on a walk). We will enjoy them for two more days and then they head back to where we love, but in a couple of months we'll be right there too. Miss you all and can't wait to be home again. Love, Jerry and Carolyn

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