Saturday, August 17, 2013

Saturday, August 17 An interesting week. We started with a great missionary story as told by the President in the office meeting. It seems that the four elders living in a not the nicest part of town, were awaked with flashlights in their faces by the police. They had been sound asleep and hearing nothing when the police told them that they had been robbed and they needed to tell the police what was missing. They got up and looked around and told the police that nothing was missing. The police said they had been called and the missionaries door was wide open so someone had broken in and taken all their stuff. The missionaries said again that nothing was missing. The police said, "But where are your TV's, stereos, games, videos, etc.?" The missionaries said that they couldn't have that kind of stuff as they were missionaries. The police just shook their heads and laughed thinking these are four 20 year olds that don't have anything? The burglar must have thought the same thing or that someone beat him to the robbery. Hopefully the robber took some Book of Mormons - they had boxes of those. I'm sure he'll read and turn his life around. (Hopeful thinking.) Turned in about 17 Baptisms this week. The missionaries are working hard. I love recording baptisms. I can do that really well. Believe it or not but we worked on a parents' letter that included getting ready for Christmas. Yes, it's August and we are thinking of Christmas. We are also getting ready for transfers on Tuesday. There are so many items of mail to take to the missionaries coming in for transfers - shoulder bags that have been sent by parents according to the new dress standard sent out from the Church. They are to look more professional, but can now wear kaki pants. Times are changing. We had Lindsay and Matt's anniversary this week, Alison's birthday, announcement that Nathan made Eagle Scout, and a great letter from McKay. He's going to be a great missionary. The family is doing well and we are so grateful. Grandkids are getting ready and in school and doing so well and are excited for the new adventure. We are excited to be able to see them again and go to their events. Saturday we went to see Snoqualmie Falls with another senior couple from Idaho Falls. I'll post a picture. It was a very pretty sight in a beautiful mountain area. The mountain over looking it is called Mt. Si and a favorite place to hike. We ate at a little "Diner, Dives and Drive Ins" type restaurant famous for their claim to fame as the place where some filming was done for the TV series "Twin Peaks." Then on the way back we visited the Almond Roca Factory, ate samples, bought presents and saw that Elvis had been there before us. He must have liked Almond Roca too. Never knew that it originated in Tacoma and got its fame from WWII because it was packaged in tins and could be sent to the soldiers. Also went to a glass blowing studio and saw people blow their own projects. It was a nice day and gave us new enthusiasm to make it through another transfer. Hope you all have a good coming week too. Connie and family sent us a bucket of candy - 100 pieces to count down our 100 days left. I think we ate a month on Friday. We are in the 80's now - but who's counting. Love, Carolyn and Jerry

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