Saturday, July 6, 2013

Saturday July 5

Saturday, July 6 We got to go to the Temple today. I sure miss our weekly trips. This has only been our third time since we've been here. The flowers were beautiful. It's hydrangea time up here and I took a picture of a beautiful one at the Temple, but also a blue one here in University Place. We are taking care of the other office couple's fish and garden while they are on vacation and this is a bush by their home. I just see hydrangeas in pots at home, if you are lucky to get them to grow. But up here they are huge bushes and mostly blue. Mary Crockett taught me that this means a base soil, red means acid soil. I remember something about that in chemistry class. Enjoy the pictures. I have been enjoying text pictures from the kids in McCall. They are having a great time. It seems to be our whole family's favorite place, even with the oven and refrigerator not working. I have a remodeling project when we get home. I hear it's been hot down in Idaho. Well, poor Seattle area got hit too. We had a couple of days when the fans were going 24/7 and it really didn't cut it. Luckily we have four fans here in the apartment, but you couldn't buy a fan in town to save you. It was 95 one day and that was a record setter. The office is air conditioned and we almost went there to sleep. It's cooled off again, so we are happy. We have been getting ready this week for transfers on Tuesday. We are only getting 16 new missionaries. That's like half. It will be an easier day. We will get all settled and then on Thursday we head home for McKay's farewell. We are so anxious to see everyone and enjoy wonderful Nampa. It looks better every day. The President gave his approval today and told us to enjoy. Even a 9 hour drive sounds good. Monday night we had dinner with the other MLS couple and four elders. We had fried chicken and apple pie al-la-mode - good American food (one elder is from Australia). It was a fun night. We were saying good bye to our "Donny Osmond" elder. We will miss his wonderful singing voice. It's really fun being around these young missionaries. They have a wonderful spirit about them. Had a visit from the senior couple in the new Federal Way Mission. I'm now counting myself blessed as they are having such a hard time because nothing is set up to work. I actually was able to give her some helpful tips and she was grateful. All of this was set up for me - just because it took me forever to figure it out was my fault. I hope things get better for them. I've had a call from her and she seems to be getting for information an help. Hope you all had a great 4th of July. We went to see The Lone Ranger movie with three other senior couples and then had a bar-b-que. I actually made them Winger Salad. It was a nice day. We watched the McCall fireworks with the kids on their cell phone and New York's on TV. Very relaxing. We weren't quite sure where to go up here, but we heard it all until about 12:30 a.m. Friday it was back to the office with the highlite taking 4 missionaries to lunch. Two will be transferred and they are some of our favorites, so it was another farewell party. All these good bye are very hard. The only one I'm looking forward to is my own. I'm just like Dorothy, "There's no place like home." Well, looking forward to seeing many of you this Friday. Senior missionaries are truly blessed to have this kind of opportunity and we are blessed to be this close to drive. Love to all.

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