Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wednesday, July 17 Today is the big day and reason for our great trip home. McKay went into the MTC. McKay called to say good-bye and Greg sent picture updates. He was to arrive at 1:00 and the first picture was the back of his body pulling his suitcases and it was 1:11. Greg said they efficiently wisked him off and "the count down begins." I guess a few of the Jones' are counting now. Back to the weekend. It couldn't have been better. We left Thursday morning and got to Nampa just before the McCall vacationers arrived. Kyle and Melissa and Avery came over so I got some special time with them. So good to sleep in our own bed. Friday I went to the dentist and then great friends brought in lunch and we sat on the patio and visited and enjoyed. Then it was over to Greg's for Nathan's birthday party. Saturday we planned for the guests. We were so pleased that my sister Connie and her friend Louise were coming up. Tom and Jan came and Brent, Trevor and Derek came too. We felt so loved and supported and so did McKay. Saturday night Greg and DaNel had an open house for McKay and then Sunday was his farewell. He did a great job with the subject the Bishop gave him to talk on - sacrifice. He started with relating sacrifice to the only thing he knows and loves - sports. First it was baseball and the batter sacrificing with a butt and then basketball and the guard placing himself between the basket and the opposing team player. Then he progressed and related it to life and service. It was so good. I just was beaming the entire time. There were tons of kids there to support him and wish him well. Afterwards everyone came over to our house for lunch. It was a booming time. Monday we all headed out. My house doesn't look quite as put together as it was when we left, but Linda, Kimmie and Kristie took all the towels home to wash, so they won't be hanging around dirty until we get back in November. We sure have great and wonderful friends who help us survive. Jerry went to his doctor Monday morning and got a good report with a change in medicine. Hopefully this will help these last few months up here with more balance and support. We had a surprise last week with the couple replacing us calling. They are excited and from Idaho Falls. I'm excited to train them. They will arrive around November 1. Sister Trotter kept the office going while we were gone so Tuesday it was just catching up. We had just had transfers so she had to put a lot back together. We had some great sayings at transfers. Sister Weaver said something that hit me. She said someone told her, "You're not dying, you're just going on a mission." I need to remember that and then her next statement, "Live the moment." I need to learn to enjoy every thing that happens and know that this is the only time it will happen this way. Jerry enjoys everything and I just endure. Got to visit Terah Young and Bruce Schaeffer while we were home - great examples for enduring the right way. I will post some pictures for the weekend. Thanks again to all of you. Love, Carolyn

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