Saturday, October 12, 2013

October 12, 2013 It was a week of organizing. Sister Quillon is getting the office ship shape for the incoming seniors. We discovered things we didn't know we had in drawers and cabinets and some things we didn't know what they were or even want. We were tired and sore at the end of each day, but boy do we sparkle now. Had a lot of missionaries in and out of the office this week and that made it fun. They are so remarkable in all they do and say. The AP's decided they wanted new pictures on the bulletin board with Allison's white shirts, so they used the office camera to take more of themselves, but they made them so small there were these little heads sticking out of shirt collars. The OE's put them up anyway and I labeled a sign next to them with the words, "Honey, I shrunk the kids." So after a good laugh I took their pictures again with my camera close up and they looked so good when we put them up that the OE's wanted new pictures too. So we had another picture taking session. I just developed them today and on Monday we will have the picture adventure going again. Things like this make me laugh and keep me happy. Since it's October we are already getting ready for Halloween. I have treats planned and Friday found out that Becky Rudder beat me to it and sent us a Halloween package with cute sayings and treats in it. Everyone in the office thinks she is so clever and I just tell them, "If you only knew just how clever she is!!!" I have candy, cookies, signs and decorations ready for every Monday. I will forgo the costume this year. Any of you are free to send pictures of your costumes though. I hear Megan is going to be Cleopatra and Trevor is going to be a Russian soldier with the old wool soldier hat we brought back from Russia, and Avery is going to be Tinker Bell. I think Halloween is so fun. Today we went to see more Fall colors. We drove up the Peninsula to Kingston. It's at the furthest end. We called the elders there and took them to lunch. It's always so fun to visit with the missionaries one on one. Then we drove back through Port Gamble and their colors were the best. Here are trees and quaint houses and a little surprise family that appeared on the road one day to say hi (but don't feed as it's a $200 fine.) Have a good week and we will too. Tomorrow it's the official one month left. Some of the missionaries have actually told us they will miss us. I feel the love. Love you all, Carolyn and Jerry

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