Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sunday, October 6, 2013 Just finished watching Conference and as usual it was wonderful. So relaxing to sit in lazy boy chairs in sweats and watch the computer screen. We even had beautiful weather to see outside our windows. After all the rain in September we are enjoying its fruits with the beautiful Fall trees. I'm enclosing a picture of one that is by the office. They seem to get redder every day. We survived another Transfer Day on Tuesday. The new missionaries arrived safely and our lunch went well and enough. You never know how to plan on how much they will eat. This group eats the least. I think it's because they are nervous and tired. The departing missionaries gave great farewell messages. Here are a few of their thoughts as they had mixed emotions on leaving - "joy and happiness." That caught me. I know those are two feelings I will have also. One said, "This mission will change you as you see miracles and peoples' lives change and my life changed too." We certainly will all be different because of our experiences. Another told the incoming missionaries, "Remember your dream - be a REAL missionary so that when you leave and sit in the Temple before you go home you can find that your mission has been acceptable to the Lord." And then the one that made me think as I start these last weeks - "Have I done enough?" Their instructions are always very meaningful. I had a supply room miracle this week. It seems the miracles in the office aren't as many as those with investigators, but here is mine. The Spanish elders wanted three "Covenant" Ensigns that they said came out in July 2012. We have Baptism and Temple Ensigns, but I hadn't heard of anyone wanting "Covenant' Ensigns. I even called SLC, but they said that Ensign was discontinued. Later I was getting an Area Book that someone ordered and I knocked over a pile of old Ensigns, didn't even know they were buried under the Area Books. As I crawled on the floor picking them up and cussing to myself for my clumsiness, there were the "Covenant" Ensigns and there were exactly three. I was blessed to fill the elders' order. Since they were worthy, I was blessed to bless them. It sure made my day. All the missionaries were excited for Conference. The sisters were predicting there would be an announcement that they were going to extend the service time for sisters to two years. Of course it didn't happened, but it shows how dedicated these sisters are and how much they want to serve. My friends Dawn and Gary Craner, who are serving in Washington, D.C., wrote a very insightful thought as we began Conference. They said that we would receive guidance for the next 6 months as we listened. "He gathers us and gives us information that we need through His leaders here on earth to be protected both spiritually and temporally. 3 Nephi 10:5" They were very right as we listened to Conference. Here are my highlights: Missionary Work - President Uchdorf "Why join this Church? I thought you'd never ask." This is what the missionaries want to hear. Then he said, "Doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith." It's so easy to get discouraged - boy do I know this!!! Then the investigators say to the missionaries, "Stay a little longer." This is just what they are praying for. My favorite was Bro. Gifford Nielsen's talk and maybe because it reminded me of our family. It was his mention and picture of the bronzed worn out missionary shoes testifying of the effort of one young elder in the "Hastening of the work...." We had Greg's shoe with the hole in it bronzed when he came home from his mission. I'm not sure he was as excited about that Christmas present, but maybe now he will be. I love the scripture Brother Nielsen quoted: Isaiah 52:7 "How beautiful upon the mountain are the feet of them who bringeth glad tidings..." All the missionaries are bringing such glad tidings up here and what Elder Funk said, "What a wonderful season to be a missionary." Then again President Uchdorf said, and I hope each of our missionaries heard this, "You should hear President Monson pray for you." Wow, I have needed his prayers many times and I know you, my dear family and friends, have prayed for us. I will post pictures of these wonderful missionaries as they left Transfer Day and went out to work. Then look at my tree and remember President Monson's poem about TREES. There are great trees in western Washington. We love and miss you all. Only 5 more weeks left and we can see your beautiful faces. Love, Carolyn and Jerry

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