Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sunday, December 16
We lost our trainers on Thursday and now it's up to us, scary, hun?  They were so good and knew so much, it is hard to follow them.  We will also miss them as they were great people.  They are home now and I'm sure their family is enjoying them.  We had the mission Christmas party on Tuesday.  It was tons of work, but the missionaries loved it and had a great time.  Seeing 180+ missionaires in Santa hats was something else.  Learned another great quote after all our work, "You know you've got it when sacrifice becomes a privilege."  I'm still in the sacrifice mode - but learning.  We got a Christmas card from the First Presidency - that will be a one time honor and a blanket and socks from the mission president.  Kinda tells you about the weather here.  The mission president talked at the end of the party.  They have been challenged to read the D&C this year as it really is all about missionaries.  He said, We know which way Joseph faced - toward the Savior.  Joseph went on a 24 year mission.  As missionaries know that God fights His battles one soul at a time."  We also saw a video that said, "The Greates Gift of all has already been given."  I loved it.  The closing song was "Amazing Grace."  That's the mission song.  It was chilling to hear them sing it. 
Here are some facts about Tacoma.  Did you know it was the home of Almond Roca?  Invented and still manufactured here in a small factory.  Also, get scared and go to utube and hit "Narrows Bridge."  We travel over this bridge all the time.  I will look for wind in the future. 
My first day alone I stayed away from excel and managed to survive.  I did my baptism forms and referrals and answered the phone and did it.  Today in church we had a confirmation and the bishop told the young man he now was a member and had a membership record.  I thought to myself that I enter that baptism to Salt Lake for that number and it made me feel like I was really doing something worthwhile.  I guess I'll keep trying. 
It was also the ward Christmas party Friday night.  They did a nice job.  I'll have to tell our RS about it and they can have some new ideas.  Then another bonus Saturday was a treat for making it through the week.  Gig Harbor, across that bridge, has a light parade and fireworks with their boats all decorated.  We went to a restaurant on the harbor and ate delicious seaford and watched the parade on the water.  It was beautiful.  It almost reminded me of McCall and the fireworks on the 4th.  Can't think too much about that or I'll be homesick. 
Wish me luck this week.  It's transfers and new missionaries coming in.  Don't know how it works, but hopefully won't make too many mistakes.

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