Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sunday December 2, 2012  
We finally have the computer going.  It has been a trial.  Well, the whole computer world is a trial for me.  That brings me to the mission office and more computers.  The Church has a program for everything - if you know how to work it you are in great shape.  The sister I am replacing was a professional secretary and she is fabulous and knows everything.  Not only won't I be able to fill her shoes, but right now I don't think I even have feet.  We have been working hard all week trying to learn how to do things.  The elder and sister we are replacing will be leaving on the 13th so I have a few more days of help and learning.  Jerry is progressing on the apartments.  This is a very big mission - like 4 hours to some areas.  Yes, Forks is in our mission and the farthest away.  We are getting 14 new sisters in January and probably the same in elders in February and March.  That's alot of apartments for Jerry to find.  I'm at the front desk answering phones and doing referrals and baptism entries.  That I can do.  It's the excel spread sheets that are giving me the problems.  It has rained every day and we had a down pour on Friday.  Saturday we will were ready for a break and went to the Museum of Glass. It was very fascinating.  An artist came to Tacoma a number of years ago and tried to revitalize the city and started this art colony.  It was fascinating to watch them work with glass.  We are starting in the Christmas spirit.  The Stake had a big Nativity display this weekend - thousands of Nativities.  It was beautiful.  We will continue with the update and hopefully more competent news.

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