Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sunday, April 14 We started the week with a new experience. We got to go to the Mission's Zion Camp for senior Family Home Evening. It's about an hour away up the Penninsula to Belfair. It is a beautiful area and open year round. Three senior missionary couples run it and one is from Kuna. It's over 80 acres and has it's own private lake for fishing, canoeing, paddle boats, swimming. It reminded me of McCall and I loved it. They have a great lodge and fabulous bathrooms and showers and kitchens. They can handle three stake girls' camps at a time with extra space for individual camping. The couples live in their trailers and are there for 6 to 18 months. I'll include a picture. All the flowers weren't out yet, but they say when they bloom its a Garden of Eden. I think I can tell our area how to up grade our camps after seeing this one. Jerry got his body worked on this week and is feeling like he had an overhaul. He had some laser work done on his eye and the fuzzy is now gone. Then his big toe nail was bothering him and he had a podiatrist work on his toes and he "feels pretty." Then his back went out and he visited the chiropractor a couple of times. I just drove and waited and watched our work pile up. We managed to get things under control by Friday. We are all ready for the 30 new missionaries coming on Tuesday - 4 are Visa Waiters who'll be here one transfer waiting to go to Argentina. But Jerry had to find them beds in the mean time. Already we have 30 coming in May too. Jerry had to find 15 new apartments just this month - more than his trainer had to find his entire mission. Hopefully that will be the big push for him because we have more missionaries going home next month - only 7 this month. It's been raining all week. I'm ready for Spring and warmer weather, but it hasn't come yet. We did venture out with two of the other office couples to see the tulips in bloom. (Same place as the daffodils) They were beautiful, but there was lots of mud and rain. I got a few good pictures. We had fun with eating, shopping, looking and visiting. Our office couples are all very nice and unique. Everyone has a story. Wish us luck with the incoming and departing missionaries. They get Acini Salad for part of their lunch. That will make me home sick. I hope three salads will be enough for 50. These missionaries know how to eat. I will be sad to see some of our favorites head home, but I know how excited their families are to see them. Have a good week and we will be welcoming new choice spirits here to work hard. I love all the new memes from Conference and we are truly "Catching the Wave."

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