Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sunday, April 7 A weekend of listening to the Word and Living the Word. We got Conference on the computer and in between sessions on Saturday the AP's and OE's had two baptisms. They were so excited and did a great job of presenting the baptism talks. One was a young mother from Ghana and the other was an older man. They just glowed after their baptisms. We are loving Conference. The sisters gave us a "Conference Madness" activity, much like "March Madness." You predict those who will conduct, speak and topics. I have done about as badly as I did in the family "March Madness." I was in last place for that and yesterday I was 4 out of 13, but it has been a fun activity. Anyone interested in the forms, let me know and I'll send them to you. My sister predicted the Temple in Cedar City and was so excited. She called us right after the announcement was made and predicted everyone in Cedar would be driving out to the proposed land to view where the new temple would be. We have been challenged to pick out some Conference "memes." Here are a few of mine so far. President Eyring warmed my heart when he said, "As we give service - He will bless our families." I'm counting on that and add my friends to the group. Then Elder Cook, and I'd heard this before attributed to Neal A. Maxwell, "All the rules will be fair and there will be wonderful surprises." Then Elder Ellis said, "His way - the way." I think for sure that will be a poster. And then to go along with Elder Nelson's last conference quote, "As the missionaries - they can help you" is the "Catch the Wave" phrase. To me it meant to be a part and continue on and stay on the crest. I loved President Monson's talk today and we're looking forward to the concluding session this afternoon. I'm posting a picture of the cherry blossoms. They are out everywhere and so gorgeous. Now the rhododendrons are out in every color imaginable. When it stops raining I'll try and get some of their pictures. They look like giant azalea flowers. We have had tons of rain all week. It comes in down pours and then stops and the rain comes out, and then more rain. Jerry got to visit a few doctors this weeks. I think he has eye strain looking so much at the computer so Pete Jensen called a friend he'd gone to school with and he saw him last Monday and Tuesday he will have some lazer treatment for leakage. He said it's minor and would work well. Jerry's had it done before - a problem with diabetes. Then he went to a chiropractor and has found a good one - too much sitting I guess. He's had two adjustments and feels great. Now he knows who to go to and not let it get out of control. He also gets a ingrown toenail looked at this week. I feel like the driver of the medical car. It at least gets me out of the office and a break in the day. And we have managed to keep our work up too. Did you enjoy April Fool's Day? Kyle got us good with the announcement of BYU-Logan. We Aggies were quite scared. I put jelly beans in the missionaries Vitamin C jar. They didn't know I was fooling and thought I'd lost it. The sisters made the day though when they had their miracle. A 12 year old girl had been going to church for two years and her parents would have nothing to do with the missionaries or the church. They wouldn't even let the missionaries in. Well this day they said the sister could come to their home. When they got there they said their daughter could be baptized and they would attend. The sisters were so thrilled. They have hope the baptism will touch their hearts and let them be taught also. The sisters are amazing and can do things the elders can't. One elder had a cute saying this week. He said he was so glad to be here and not foreign as he didn't want to have to learn a foreign language. Then he said - "It was enough I had to learn the Gospel." He was honest and I think that's what the young people today are doing so early with all these new programs. It's amazing to watch. We had sad news this week and exciting news too. Our senior military relations couple that live by us is having to go home because of health problems. They are very disappointed. We have enjoyed them and hope things improve when they are home. Then our friends the Craners in Boise just got their mission call to be member leadership service missionaries in Washington, D.C. They leave in May. Called in April and leave in May. That is the new trend in missionary assignments. We get 30 new missionaries again in April and May and the July list is growing. Well it's almost time for Conference. Have a good week and will report next week. Love and miss you all.

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