Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sunday, April 21 After a week of rain we are being promised a week of sun and temperatures in the high 60's. I can't wait, yet the flowers have been so good to us. I'm posting a picture of the rhododendrons. They are all over and come in every color and size. They bloom for a long time so we should be able to enjoy them for awhile. This was a very busy week with incoming missionaries and transfers. It always puts us in a tizzy to find out where all the missionaries are reassigned. We sure don't want to lose any. Then one of our office senior elders had a heart attack and was in the hospital. He is in charge of cars and bikes, so with transfers we were all juggling his job. He was released from the hospital Thursday evening and so we're hoping he is on the mend. We really rely on him to run the office. We were slackers for the luncheon this time and order Quiznos sandwiches. The Quizons owners here are members and they gave us a great deal. Then we made acini salads and cupcakes to go with them. It seemed to go smoothly with all that premade. The outgoing missionary testimony meeting was great as usual. It is great to hear and see the progress made by missionaries. Here are some of their quotes: "Jesus is hugging you - especially in the hard times." Sister Lorz. "God is in this work. Who I've become because of it." Elder Johnson. We will miss these great missionaries, but we received 30 new amazing ones. And they all sang "Amazing Grace." I'll never listen to that song without thinking of this mission. It has all new meaning for me. We had a great surprise on Thursday night. Vard and Linda Williams were up visiting their children in Vancouver and drove up to see us. They grew up in Malad with Jerry and we went to USU with them. They live in Boise and so it was so fun to have a flavor of home. We took them down on the Sound to a great seafood restaurant and had a fun visit. That gave us new energy. A funny thing happened on our way out of the restaurant - a seagull flew overhead and dropped a live crab at our feet. Vard went over and picked it up and threw it back in the water. Some of us rescue different souls. Friday was an unusual day. It was mission apartments inspections. Every senior missionary throughout the mission was assigned apartments of elders and sisters to inspect and evaluate. Jerry had it all set up - over 100 apartments. The office was closed and out we all went with our surveys and treats - yes, treats for the missionaries were expected. It was very eye opening. We saw an apartment made over from a garage to a beautiful home donated by a ward member that over looks the Sound - that's where the AP's and OE's live and the coveted place. We had very good results with our assignment. The missionaries had cleaned and things were looking very good. They also gave lists of needed corrections. On Monday Jerry will have his hands full filling all the requests. I took cookies and apples. Next time I think I'll take toilet paper. As a result on Saturday we went furniture shopping for additions and replacements. I enjoyed it because we got to stop at the Mall and then discovered where Olive Garden was. Jerry has to bribe me to do certain things. We spent the rest of the day working on Mother's Day talks. The Bishop of our ward came into the office on Friday and asked if we'd talk on Mother's Day. He wanted it know if that would be too hard for me seeing I didn't have my children around. Jerry said it would be no problem as I talk to my great children every day and visit with other parents great missionary children in the office. That is the highlight of my mission -hearing and seeing these great young people and trying to keep them stocked with supplies and listening to their successes and failures. P.S. If anyone knows me they will understand this last statement. We found a Sonic!!!!

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