Saturday, September 14, 2013

Saturday, September 14, 2013 I'll start out with a new missionary joke before I forget it. Did you know that they are thinking of lowering the missionary age to 16. That way mother's won't be sad and the missionaries will already know everything. Now that doesn't apply to our great elders and sisters in our mission. They are awesome and then that grandson who will be leaving Monday for Japan has been awesome since he was born. We will be thinking of McKay more than usual on Monday. We just got back from a trip to see a couple who we were with at the MTC, the Brinkerhoffs, and were suppose to come to our mission as camp specialists and went up to Cascade Park Camp in the Everett Mission instead. They have a beautiful camp and we saw and learned some interesting things. I'll post some pictures. We saw how loggers cut down trees in the older days. They make slits in either side of the tree where they could stand and then with a two handle saw they would cut the tree down. Some times a new tree would grow out of the top of the cut down tree. Very interesting. Then the Snohomish River runs through the camp and the salmon were spawning and we saw the female swim up, push the pebbles on the bottom aside and deposit the eggs and then swim back and the male would swim up and fertilize the eggs and cover them back up. Wow, didn't know how that worked. They were just starting to swim back up stream and it was amazing to watch. Am I becoming an outdoors woman? It was a week of referrals. It's a great system the Church has. You get the information - name, address, telephone number and then enter it and the system pops a map that shows you the area where the referral is in and you can assigned the missionaries to go see them buy sending this information to their cell phones. It's amazing. Well one day the name Lindsay Jones popped up on my screen. She lived in Bremerton. Hope she is as amazing as our Lindsay. Jerry got 85 new cell phones to program and distribute to the missionaries next week. His work is cut out for him. Now for Nampa. What marvelous friends we still have working on our basement, drying it out. I'm so embarrassed they saw my mess in the box room. They will all think I am a hoarder. I am. I admit it, but I'm an organized one and it all fits in one room. When something doesn't fit, that's when I do a little throwing out. Please forgive me and thank you all for helping. My turn will come when someone else leaves on a mission. That will be my new Church calling - helping ward missionaries while they serve and inviting Idaho Nampa Mission Senior missionary couples over and making them feel welcomed. I've found that to be very important. We are waiting to hear the news of the new Stake Presidency and how it will affect our Ward. We know many fine individuals who could be called. We are very blessed. Have a good week and know we now have 58 days left. Love, Carolyn and Jerry

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