Saturday, September 7, 2013

Saturday, September 7 We just got back from the Temple and were able to see the new film. It was fabulous. I was so impressed and really felt like I even learned more because of the way the actors portrayed things. I can't wait to see it again. I took another picture of Moroni with the green trees instead of blossoms for a comparison. All can see the seasons of our service that this picture represents. Well that was the upside of the last days. We got word about the rain storm in Nampa and the effect it had on everyone - and us included. Thanks for wonderful friends that came to our home's aid and worked on drying out the basement. Craig, Francis', Bishop Stucki, Becky and Pools are wonderful and we owe you and will continue to thank you and hopefully be there for you when you need us. Now I don't feel guilty about counting days. I think Nampa needs us. (By the way, as of today there are 65 left.) We had a busy week in the office what with the computer being down for 5 days and then the Labor Day weekend to catch up with. We felt like on Tuesday we did all missed 5 days in one. The funest part of the day was getting Camden's first day of school picture - all dressed up and eager for preschool. Then a few hours later a picture of him in the car - zonked out. He knows how to recover from big days - go to sleep. We had a great surprise at the office on Wednesday. The McGuires (the couple we replaced) walked through the door. They were on a coastal drive for their anniversary and had to stop by to see how the mission was doing. It was great to visit with them and then Sister Weaver took us all out to dinner to the favorite seafood haunt of the area to continue our visit. What wonderful people we have been able to associate with here in the mission. Our rains started up here this week too. Summer must be over. I keep telling the weather man it's still September, but I'm not getting much response. I'm posting a picture of the last rhododendron of the season and next to it is a picture of the moss coming back with the wet weather. Jerry has his work cut out for him this week. All the missionaries get new cell phones and he has to organize it. Then with three new couples coming and three going home, he is trying to coordinate moving out and in apartments. I think there will be hotel stays involved. Keep your fingers crossed that no one is sleeping on the street. We've started saying some goodbyes. Last night the office staff got together at Red Lobster to say some farewells. There were 14 of us and we had a great time. This weekend is Stake Conference video from SLC and then we will begin another week. You all get more special everyday. Thank you again for your love and support. Love, Jerry and Carolyn

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