Saturday, September 28, 2013

September 28,2013 Well the rain is really here. They say it's their wettest September ever. They usually get 1 inch and as of now it's 5 inches and after today I think Noah has arrived. We were out discovering Port Orchard, the home of Debbie Macomber who is the author of the Cedar Cove books that have been featured on the Hallmark Channel. Not sure what we saw in the rain but they have cute antique stores there and I found some fish forks to remind me of the great crab, clams and oysters we have had here. Then we drove by a cute little house with the name "Debbie Macomber's Yarn Shop." I'm sure she lives right above it and that's where she writes her books. (You know how I like to have stories around my excursions, whether they are true or not.) Just look at the picture and you will see how cute the house is. We came back through the rain when we saw the flashing signs indicating severe winds on the Narrows Bridge. So not wanting to be blown off the bridge or be on it when it falls in the Sound again, we stopped in Gig Harbor for lunch and found the Tacoma Glass Works having a pumpkin sale. Jerry can't believe how lucky I can be finding places to spend money. Now back to our great week in the mission field. It started with Ward Conference on Sunday. Our Stake President talked. (His wife does the new missionary training lunches for us every transfer and is wonderful and knows what service means.) He was a mission president in Missouri and told the story of one day the missionaries called and asked him if he wanted to go with them to teach an investigator named Roger Boggs. Does that name ring a bell? Yes, he was the great grandson of Lilliburn Boggs, Governor of the extermination order. Of course he went and this man apologized for his great grandfather to President Gessel and the missionaries. Sometimes you have to wait hundreds of years to have an apology. I'm sure someone in heaven has been doing a lot of apologizing. He also said the most important message the missionaries give that people are looking for is that there is a living prophet today. "He hasn't just spoken. He continues to speak" through our Prophets today and if they say something in Conference twice, we'd better be listening. It's call Prophetic Priorities and they better be our priorities too. We are all looking forward to Conference next weekend. Missionary Monday was a success with a new cookie recipe I made. I thought there was too much oatmeal, but I've found the missionaries will eat anything and love it and thank you profusely for it. The bad news also came Monday with the report that there is a huge hole in the foundation of our Nampa house and that's why the water got into the basement. The neighborhood is contemplating how to fix it. What wonderful loving friends we have to take on our problems while we are gone. Update on McKay. We got our first e-mail from Japan. He has a Japanese companion and has had his first door slammed in his face. I thought the Japanese were polite and always bowing. I guess they bowed as they slammed the door. Go McKay, I'm sure he was smiling all the time. Wednesday started the mattress deliveries for transfers. I'm posting Jerry's favorite picture. He has three box springs, three bed frames and three mattress in the back of our car. I thought I bought that car so I'd have room for the grandkids, yet it's perfect for transporting missionary beds. We went to Silverdale and one box spring even fit in the back of a missionary's Subaru. We couldn't believe it and he just said, "Ye of little faith." Then they sent us to Sluy's Bakery in Poulsbo to get President Weaver his favorite doughnut and then told us to make sure we let the President know how much his missionaries love him - to even knowing his favorite doughnut. Wednesday night we went to missionary training from the Area Seventy, Elder Buzzy. Here are some of the highlights. President Weaver - "The mantle of a missionary - the love God gives them to love you. That is why they say, I felt something when I saw them." Elder Buzzy - Theme - "I will hasten My work in it's time." D&C 88:73 (Interesting note - when the Missionary Committee came up with the new guidelines as stated in October 2012 Conference, the change in age of YW to 19 wasn't one of the recommendations. It was pure revelation to President Monson. Elder Holland said, "I'll take one good sister to 5 elders.") We do have great sisters here - to go with our great elders!! He said our task ... the catalyst is LOVE." On Thursday I had the greatest surprise. For all of you in my family who don't bother to read my blog, I got a box with a wonderful letter and home grown maple syrup and chokecherry syrup from a mother of an elder in our mission. She reads my blog. I was so flattered and touched. She thanked me for letting her know what goes on in the mission. Sometimes the missionaries don't go into a lot of detail in their letters. I think Brent and Connie will fight me for a taste of the chokecherry syrup. How thoughtful can some people be. Well I'd better close and get ready for the Relief Society Broadcast. This is one of my favorite meetings. Love and miss you all, Carolyn and Jerry P.S. See sunset on the Sound.

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