Saturday, February 9, 2013

February 9, Saturday Got a call this morning from Tyra Crockett that Dee had passed away. It doesn't seem real even though we knew it was coming. We got permission from our mission president to go down to the funeral as she had asked me to talk and Jerry to pray. She even had me read to her the talk she has requested - mostly about relationships. She said she was pleased. It was hard to read it to her, so I imagine it will be even harder at the funeral. We will only miss Friday from the office and will be back on Sunday. Of course, being home it might be hard for Jerry to pull me away again. Maybe that's why the missionaries can't do this, but seniors they are more easy on. Finished all my transfer board pictures finally. Now we're good for another 4 weeks when we have to do it again with new missionaries coming in. The President also had individual interviews with the staff. I guess we passed as we are still here. Jerry has found all his apartments for the incoming missionaries and is quite pleased with himself. He really works well with the ward mission leaders and bishops finding these apartments and furnishing them. We also got two new military support couples in this week. They are all moved in and seem to like what Jerry did for them as far as housing goes. We had a surpirse this week with new office furniture. It seems furniture destined for the Temple had some flaws and so they sent it to the mission homes and offices. It is very nice and we look all new and fancy. It was a mess arranging it thought - especially for the men and their desks. I just had to rearrange all my ordered Book of Mormons. We now have them coming out of our ears. My orders have arrived with a vengence. We can order almost 2,000 a month and the president wants me to order our quota. Since we were out for a week, you can see that these great missionaries really use them and "flood the earth" as President Benson wanted them to do. Tomorrow night we have another Fireside - and yes I will be singing again. Good thing we got a lot of new sisters because maybe it will be too crowded in the choir chairs and they won't need me. I do love to hear the other missionaires sing. We learned a Primary song in Sign Class this week - "I Love Mother." It is very slow and simple and was very fun to learn. I'm still advertising for another calling. Our little Megan turned 8 this week and since her Dad is in the Mid East on deployment her Uncle Kyle is flying to Oklahoma to baptise her. Her Uncle Matt will confirm her and I'm sure they will be the best of the best next best to great Dad Keven who is serving our country and keeping us all safe here. One of my favorite sayings is "Home of the Free Because of the Brave." We certainly feel this way about Keven. Today we had to take a mattress to the elders in Comopolis. Good thing we got this new car that carries everything. Our GPS got messed up and we got lost looking for them in Aberdeen. (Maybe Dee had something to do with this.) Finally found them. I think they were worried these old folks would find their way back home. We went further to the coast and saw the ocean at Gray's Harbor. It has Wesport on the south of the Harbor and Ocean Shores on the north side. We ate at a fun crab place. This is great crabbing waters. It was Bennett's Crab Shack and we had the best crab cakes and clam chowder and then did find our way home. Because of Jerry's calling we are seeing a lot of the mission. My goal is still to go to Forks. I think I'll tell the elders to request new mattresses up there. We will report late next week after we get back from the funeral. Keep your prayers going for the Crocketts.

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