Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sunday,February 24 Guess you've all heard the big announcement of 58 new missions. Three big ones hit us - two in Washington and yes, our own Nampa, Idaho. All I could think of was that we could have stayed home and worked in the mission office maybe in our own back yard. We are excited to learn all the details. You keep us posted on Nampa and we'll keep you posted on Washington. Since the new Federal Way Mission is on our north and east and the new Vancouver is on our south, we know that it will take many of our zones. All of this will happen by July so it's very interesting. We had a busy week. Our Sister Clark is still recooperating. Hopefully one more week and she'll be back. Since that's the week of transfers we are scrambling to get everything she does done. The one MLS couple is coming in to help us since no one knows exactly what Sister Clark does except the President. Monday he is going to try and direct us. (Some days I don't even know what I do.) We get 31 new missionaries on the 5th and then it's down to 12 in April. We've been told they will no longer come to us in big groups, but will just come constantly, like every time the MTC needs more room. I think everyone is learning. Our McKay gets his call this week. We are all guessing where he might go. Now Nampa is on the list. I had a neat experience this week and felt like a true missionary. A brother came into the office with 100 sets of blocks he had made for the President. They are all labeled and decopaged to illustrate the Plan of Salvation and the missionaries use them to teach. He is from Puyallup and had made some for the missionaries in that area so the President wanted him to make them for all the missionaries. Since I was the only one in the office he was telling me about how many thousands he had made in many many languages and that just this week when he was making so many at one time, his wife who isn't a member asked him what exactly they were for. She had been through many missionaries trying to teach her, but she just wasn't interested. When he told her their purpose she asked him why he didn't teach her with them. He was so shocked and pleased and told me he was going to begin teaching his wife the Gospel. Something told me to take him in our supply room and show him all our DVDs and pamphlets that the missionaries use and see if any of them would help him in his new challenge. I told him what ones the missionaires seemed to use the most and where they were the most effective and he choose a few and seemed so pleased with the help and went on his way. I felt like I had just given a discussion and it was so exciting. I know now a little of what the misisonaires must feel when they have taught someone. Then I went back to my phones and computer - ugh! If I only could do those spread sheets with confidence. Jerry has all the apartments ready for the new missionaries but is still fighting with Sprint to keep the cell phones working correctly. Last week was a mess with many missionaries not being able to call out of their areas. Hopefully it is fixed now. Our Sprint agent was on vacation and no one else seemed to want to help. Jerry is getting a flat ear from being on the phone so much. He's looking forward to a more peacful week. Rain began again this week. They keep telling us to wait until Spring and the flowers and it will all be worth it. I'm counting on that. Yesterday we drove through the park that is by us and the moss is really green. I took some pictures and maybe Connie can post them. It was very beautiful. At least we don't have the snow that some of you are dealing with. We all get our different trials. Almost ready for our new month at the end of this week, February down and 9 to go. Miss you all but feel your love.

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