Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sunday, March 3 Do you want to hear the spiritual or the secular? We had both this week. I'll be good and start with the spiritual. Jerry had an elder call him wanting to know what he should do with his cell phone. He baptised it. Yes, it was in his pocket during a baptism. We told him to put it in rice and try to dry it out. What won't these elders do? The big news is that McKay Jones got his mission call. He is going to the Japan, Sendai Mission and reports on July 17. That means we get to come home again to be at his farewell and hug him good bye. I guess our family is truly in the mission mode. McKay is so excited. This last week he was chosen for the District and State All-Star Basketball teams, accepted at both BYU and Utah State, all honors basketball team - yes I'm bragging and the list goes on and on. He's a great young man and will make an excellent missionary and now I know what to compare him too. The office was very busy with the new mission news. We have received word of the areas we will be losing to the Federal Way Mission. Haven't heard about the southern areas, but we know we will lose some. In June we will even be sent a couple to train for the mission office in Federal Way. Yes, don't laugh too hard - me training - what a joke. Jerry will do a good job though. Our Sister Clark has still not recovered so two mission couples have come in to help me do her job. We have the 30 new missionaries coming on Tuesday and transfers this week. It is always a headache so I am very grateful for the wonderful help these couples have been. We also found out that we have another 30 missionaries coming in April. We are growing so we can divide I think. I also did my missionary work by giving two DVD's about the church and family to my Russian cookie lady. I can't wait to hear what she has to say about them. Now for the secular. We took an outing this weekend and drove to Forks. It's about 3-4 hours north and west and the outpost of the mission. There are two elders there and a small branch in a town of about 3,000. It's also the home of Twilight and the whole town has tried to captialize on the books and movies. You drive through the Olympic National Forest to get there and it is absolutely beautiful - waterfalls, moss covered trees, lakes, thick forests, and beaches with rough surfs and unusual rock formations. We stayed over night in Forks - at the Cullen house. Saw Bella's truck, Dr. Cullen's parking place at the hospital, the Spartans at the High School, Twiftway where Bella worked, Poice Station, Las Push where Jacob Black was living on the reservation, Rialto Beach and First Beach where so many scenes in the movie took place, just lots and lots of flavor of Twilight. Then we found out that not one scene of the movie was actually shot in Forks. It was filmed in Portland and Vancouver and Louisiana, believe it or not. I guess it was cheaper in Oregon and Canada. Yet they have the town that really exists and I believe great scenery. On Sunday we continuted our drive down the coast through the Rain Forest part of the Olympic National Park. It rains 12 feet per year here, so you can imagine the growth that occurs. And yes, it rained most of the time we were there. It's a 73 mile long coastline with a number of Indian reservations included in the area. It's big in the summer with rafting, kiyaking, hiking, camping, etc. We were in the off season. Now I'm revitalized and ready for our big week. I'm just like a child and need my rewards to keep me going.

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