Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sunday, March 10 What a marvelous day we had yesterday. Sheri Dew came to the Pennisula Stake Women's Conference and they invited the sister missionaries to attend. She was just as fantastic as ever. What a way she has in communicating ideas that just resonnate with sisters. She came in and went right to the sister missionaries and shook their hands and talked to them. I was snapping pictures as fast as I could so that I could give copies to the sisters. Then as she started her talk she invited all the sister missionaires up to stand by her at the pulpit and continued to praise them and use them as examples of service and dedication. They will never forget this and I won't either. It gave me such a boost. I know we don't always have to be validated for what we do, but it is so nice sometimes. I have all of you out there who constantly encourage me and it really does make a difference. Let me give you a few comments from Sister Dew. She talked about Priesthood power and the trials and goals of the latter-days. We are to be grateful we came to the world now. We were divinely programmed to come now and were held in reserve for these last days. She sees what women today are accomplishing. We are all elect ladies. This statement really hit me, "Would He send for the last days men and women He couldn't count on?" I hope He knows he can count on me. So she continued - how do we do it? Learn how to receive and ask for revelation. The best way - stay connected to Heaven and have a spiritual experience every day. President Lee told her that when she was a young Laurel at a Laurel Conference. I think she has done it and it's now my new goal. We can pray for one and watch for one and work for a spiritual experience everyday. We need it some days more than others. This past week for one was where I really could have used some uplifitng. We had the 30 new missionaries arrive with a big lunch and welcome for them and a testimony meeting for the departing missionaries. After transfers it's trying to get all the lists updated as to where the missionaries are, plus we needed to prepare for the next 30 who are coming in in April. Letters to parents, bishops,stake presidents, all have to go out with pictures or certificates, welcoming information, etc. in them. With Sister Clark still recovering, it's like 6 other people are running around with half the knowledge they need to know what they are doing. Then we also have to make sure we continue to do our assigned jobs. It can become very frustrating. In the midst of this I had a call from a senior couple who just got their call to the Washington Tacoma Mission and he said they were called to work in the office and he must be replacing me. I asked when he was coming and he said June. At the moment I was ready to be replaced even though I knew he really had been called to the new Federal Way Mission, but since his call came before the Mission was created he didn't know that. I tried to explain things to him, but he was firm and so I just said,"Welcome, that's wonderful. We'll be looking forward to seeing you." I later found out that they will be coming to be trained for the new office in the new mission. Right, you are all laughing at me training someone with the skills I have. I can show them how to lift up the phone and order supplies. I'm really good at spending money and we have the best equipped supply room around. I may be breaking the bank of the mission, but no one has told me to stop yet. Let me end with some of the comments the departing missionaries gave at testimony meeting: "A mission - a worthy sacrafice. I did what the Lord asked me to do, a sacred call. This mission is sacred ground to me. It's where I found my testimony. You're there for a reason - learn why you are there. When you hit rock bottom - Jesus Christ should be the rock you hit." These are amazing young and prepared people. We are preparing some amazing young people in our family. Megan was baptised on Friday and we were able to see it all through face time on the i-pad. Lindsay prayed, Alison and Trevor talked, Kyle baptised Megan and Matt confirmed her and Grandma Coyle gave the closing prayer and Connie orchestrated it all. Keven saw it from the middle east and we from Washington. The Bishop said it was a world wide broadcast. We'll try to get some pictures posted for you to see some of these events. Have a good week and I will too with my new attitude.

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