Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Sunday, March 24 We had the highs and lows of missionary work on Tuesday. It started out low when we got a call from the airport from a missionary who was wondering who was going to pick him up. The President was in Zone Leader and District leader training meetings and we didn't know quite what to do other than get the poor elder. The MTC hadn't let us know he was coming. We sent one of the office seniors to get him and I ran over to Albertson's to get a cake with "Welcome Elder" on it to show him that we were really glad that he was here. We were so apologetic and he was so nice and forgiving. We even took him to lunch and then he waited patiently in the office until the President could get there. Can you believe it - not being picked up at the airport? It reminded me of the Evans' in our ward years ago when they didn't go to the airport to pick up their son coming home from his mission. Getting off the plane with no one there to greet you, has to be one bummer of a trip. I sure hope this doesn't happen again. But it did get better. Our Cambodian Sister Noun came into the office Tuesday afternoon and wanted to go into LDS.org to see that she was really on the web site where Elder Oaks had a video on his visit to Southeast Asia and he had interviewed her while he was in Cambodia. She was so excited and cute. Her companion was a whiz on the computers and was able to freeze a frame of the video and we printed off her picture and then made a disc of the video for her to keep. Even though I wasn't savy to do it, I felt like I was a part of saving a precious memory for a precious sister. Then another sister came in and had lost her wallet and we tried to figure out how to cancel everything for her and order her new cards. These missionaries are sometimes just little children that you need to be taken care of. Then I had to write a letter excusing a missionary from jury duty as he wasn't even an American citizen and had returned to Peru. What a wide range of activities - only in mission office do you hit every thing imaginable.

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