Saturday, March 30, 2013

Saturday, March 30
     Just had to write while the smell of hyacinths and the color of yellow were still fresh in my mind.  We drove to Mt. Vernon today to see the acres and acres of blooming daffodils.  It was gorgeous.  This is a beautiful farming valley called Skagit filled with Victorian houses with immaculate yards.  The trees were in blossom and their bulbs were blooming.  They have a big tulip festival there and everyone in the office wants to go.  The tulips won't be out for another two weeks but the daffodils were ready and since they are my favorite I made Jerry go.  It's only about 2 hours away.  The weather was beautiful and we could see all the mountains.  Mt. Baker is up there and Rainier was even out.  It really made me feel like Easter season.
     We had a great week that went quickly.  Greg and family were here until Wednesday.  They went to Seattle on Monday and Vashon Island with the ferry on Tuesday.  We were able to be with them in the evenings.  They were back Wednesday night to Boise as McKay had to have four impacted Wisdom teeth out on Thursday.  All went well and that's one more thing to check off on his missionary preparation list.
     I was really tired Monday afternoon.  The Mission President has been having a "March Madness" activity where the missionaries do some scripture study and report.  I was filing some of these reports - like almost 200 - and getting bleary eyed, when I came to the elder's name of "Packer."  I knew we didn't have an Elder Packer.  I looked and looked thinking I was forgetting someone and was just about to ask the other office sister if she knew - and I said the whole name in my mind "Boyd K. Packer," and then it hit me.  President Packer was being quoted and on the other side of the paper was the elder's name.  I felt so dumb.  I put away the rest and waited to finish on Tuesday before I made anymore mistakes.
     My next funny came when Thursday morning I went to pick up phone calls on the answering machine and this voice said, "My name is Josh and I want to know what I need to do to become a Mormon Missionary.  Here's my number, please call."  When we called back no one answered.  I haven't heard if the other office elder was able to get through.  He either thinks there is free food and housing, or it's a good paying job.  Little does he know the work that is involved and the preparation it takes for these young elders and sisters.  They amaze me every day.
     Friday came and we did a project for the Spanish elders.  They wanted a baptismal program with picture and Spanish scripture on the front.  We only had English.  So with the help of Connie in Oklahoma we were able to create just what they wanted and they were thrilled.  It's now labeled as file "Elder Wood and Edstrom's Baptismal Program."  It will be on the computer file forever.
     We will have a wonderful Easter thanks to great family who remembered and marvelous Becky.  Then we've been reading The Atonement by Tad Callister that is fabulous and really explains the wonder and blessings of our greatest gift.  Have a happy Easter too and we love and miss you all.

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  1. I love the pictures of daffodils and can't wait to see pictures of the tulips. Tulips are my favorite. I don't think they grown here in the desert of Phoenix however. Hopefully I will see some in Boise the end of April when I will be home for 4 days.