Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sunday, March 17 Happy St. Patrick's Day. Our Irish Coyles celebrate this day big and so in support we went to a small town on the Penninsula called Poulsbo. It's actually a Viking town and you're greeted by a tall Viking statue as you enter the town, but it was settled by Sandanavians. They were celebrating St. Patrick's Day and the town was decked out in green. It's on a bay and cherry blossoms were even out - all very picturesque. We ate at a German restaurant and got treats at a German Bakery, so Jerry was thrilled. Walked around the town which was filled with antique shops. They have a big fair on Mother's Day weekend for antiques. Jerry wasn't as thrilled with the antique shopping, but it was all fun and we saw the northern part of the Penninsula. The northern part is also accessed by ferry from Seattle. Greg and family are coming this weekend for Spring break so we will be able to show them some things were have learned. It will be so exciting even when we squeeze 8 people into this "college dorm" size apartment. It was a busy week again in the mission office. Our goal this week was to get all the cars in place and know where each car was. I felt like I had a garage full of 90 cars. The senior elders had to find them, their numbers, registration, etc. I had to make numerical magnets to go on the transfer board by the missionaires who had which cars. It was detailed work, but finally accomplished. I wonder if soon the missionaries will be back to feet since the cars cause so many problems. We've had three tickets in the last couple of weeks - all amounting to over $200 each. Washington is funding their government through speeding tickets. Then my favorite missionaries parked their car wrong and got it towed to the tune of $400. They were so upset. We really think it was a set up job by some neighbors to get a cut in a tow job. Then just Friday one set of elders slide off the road because of the wet mud and ended up in a ditch and needed a tow - there's another couple of hundred dollars. As you can see, cars are a problem, but bikes get stolen, so what's the answer. We are still waiting for Spring. It rained all last week and is suppose to rain again this coming week. I guess it helps with the flowers. We are seeing the blossoms coming and azaleas are blooming. There are suppose to be tulip and daffadil festivals coming. They ought to be gorgeous. I was reading a Conference talk the other day by Elder Hales called "Being a More Christian Christian." It gave me a boost as he said, "He will make us equal to His work. As we follow Him, He blesses us with gifts, talents, and the strength to do His will, allowing us to go beyond our comfort zones and do things we've never before thought possible." I guess that's me. The new service sister in the office, who they brought in to help since Sister Clark is still recovering, is so encouraging and nice to me. She always has some compliment and something positive to say to me. She and her husband come in the mornings three days a week. He's the patriarch in this Stake and they both remind me of Brother and Sister Widdison - so wonderful and perfect themselves, but make you feel good about yourself too. I think they also came as a blessing to me when I feel like I don't know what I'm doing. For example I ordered stationary envelopes and got a call that I'd ordered them on such an old form that they couldn't process it. I just used the form that was in the box, but it must have been around since the pioneers because it was not working. Now they fax the orders in. See another machine for me to have to handle. I am not modern when it comes to machinery and computers. I'm still good with the phone and ordering supplies. I taught my girls well on spending money too. They sent me a box this week from their trip to the Oklahoma outlet mall when they were all together. Since they had me buy them Easter outfit treats, they had to buy me something too. They sent Jerry some nuts to eat. We really laughed. Also got a fun St. Patrick's Day treat from Rudders, mail and medicine from Sylvia. We have great support and thank you all. Have a good week and be safe since many of you will be on Spring Break. Let us know what all you do. Miss and Love you.

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