Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sunday, February 17 We are back in Tacoma after a fabulous weekend. Dee gave me a great gift. I'm sure she asked me to speak at her funeral because she knew I needed to come home and have a taste of the love I feel there. It was a lovely funeral and I think Dee would have been pleased. She looked beautiful and so peaceful - all the pain gone from her face. The music at the funeral and flowers were wonderful. Melissa had such a good idea for the flowers in an arrangement of her purse and shoes - her loves. Her family will continue to need our love and support. We will call and I hope they will call us too. We got to see so many dear friends and see how they are doing. It was Kyle's birthday and so we got to go to dinner with his and Greg's family and then to McKay's basketball game. Jerry had so missed seeing McKay play basketball. I even got to take Avery shopping for her birthday that will be at the end of the month. She wanted to go to Build a Bear and so we did. Sunday was Church with Greg's family and Blake gave his first talk in Sacrament meeting and McKay was called up extemporaneously to bear his testimony, so we were doubly blessed. Had lunch with Kyle, Melissa and Avery and Kyle took us to the airport for our hour flight back on a prop plane. (Didn't know they still made those and made people fly on them.) We arrived safely and are back but missing home and friends. Sylvia feed us and Craig showed how well he keeps checking on the house. Everything looked great. Monday we will be back in the office and see what we missed. Our other office sister has been in the hospital all last week and we sure miss having her there and all she does. Hopefully we can get back in shape as she is back from the hospital but still recovering her strength. I got to help the missionaries last week with their French. Yes, I'm as bad with forgotten French as I am with the computer, but they were teaching an African woman who only spoke French, so I helped them with a few phrases. It's amazing what you need to remember on a mission. They left with two pamphlets - same pamphlet but one in French and the other in English. They can point to both languages and hopefully get a message across. Hope you all had a great Valentines Day. The tradition continued - heart shaped sugar cookies for the missionaries with the help this year from Albertsons. They didn't taste too bad. We will report again next week and as all reminded us this weekend - we are 1/4 through our mission.

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