Saturday, May 11, 2013

Saturday, May 11, 2013 I just had such a loving and exciting week, that I couldn't wait until tomorrow to post about it. Sunday afternoon started with serving the missionaries - at least two sisters who locked their keys in the trunk of the car and had their cell phone stolen. Jerry and Elder Clark had to leave church to rescue them. They are sweet sisters so the men didn't mind. Elder Clark got them new keys and Jerry canceled their cell phone and got them another. McKay was made an elder today - something we missed, but we will be there for his farewell. Took Melissa Schlerf's oatmeal cookies to the office to start the week. The missionaries loved them. They said to thank Melissa. My kids like to add cranberries and coconut to her recipe. You can't ruin something Melissa starts with. That evening we were invited to the Coleman's for FHE. They are the service couple from this area who come into the office three times a week to help. He's also the Stake Patriarch so you can imagine the Spirit he brings with him. He's another Brother Widdison - so good. We ate on their deck in their beautiful backyard - and yes, they have rhododendrons too. Everyone's yards are gorgeous. The rest of the week seemed to be devoted to fixing up apartments - three senior couples coming in May and June and everyday a new missionary is added to the list. May 28th sees 31 coming - Adelle and Jay Dee Karren's grand niece is one of them. Now for Mother's Day, birthday and anniversary. It's been a week of remembrances. The office people think I have wonderful children and friends, which I do. Flowers, cake pops, pictures, books, signs that let me know I need to focus on good things every month, carmels, and things to make me smell good. It was so fun to see the mailman everyday. Even the Spanish speaking elders gave us a card with thank yous and pictures. Then Friday quitting time arrived and Jerry took me to Thornewood Castle. It was built in 1907 by the founder of the Port of Tacoma and Rainier Bank. He was a really good man that saved a lot of people during the Depression financially. He built the Castle for his bride and had it shipped from England brick by brick on three ships around the Cape to Tacoma. It has 500 year old banisters, stained glass windows, statues, sunken English garden, beautiful landscaping on a fresh water lake. It's now a Bed and Breakfast and owned by an LDS couple. We were the only ones staying there last night and the owners visited with us and told us the history of the house and how they bought it and all about their family - 10 children and 40 plus grandchildren and great grandchildren and they all live in the area. They put us in the Presidential Suite where Teddy Roosevelt and Pres. Taft slept. We felt very royal. It was like sleeping in a museum. Not that any of you read Stephen King, but two of his books made into movies were filmed in the Castle - Rose Red and The Diary of Ellen Rembauer. We watched the beginnings of each just to see the house in the films, but they were too scary for me. I took tons of pictures and will post a few. The breakfast they served us this morning was fabulous - apple tart, OJ, bacon, egg soufflé, fruit, yougart and toast. It was so artistically displayed you almost hated to eat it. After we walked the grounds again we headed for an antique show on Kitsap Pennisula in Silverdale. Wanted to see this area and you all know how I love antiques. It was real fun to just walk and look and yes, I found spoons and books. Hope you all have a Happy Mother's Day tomorrow. Mine will be happy once we have finished giving our talks in Church. We are also invited to a member's home for dinner after church. The kids reminded us it's our Hump Day. Now we'll be counting down instead of up and things have been getting more enjoyable. The computer is now my friend. Love and miss you all.

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