Saturday, May 25, 2013

We looked forward to Russ and Sylvia Pool coming all week. They made it Friday afternoon and came to see us at work in the Mission Office. They had the grand tour and then we went to our favorite seafood restaurant. Russ wanted to eat seafood and we have had it at every meal since they arrived. It was just so fun to have them here and we visited and visited - almost like home. On Saturday we went to Vashon Island on the ferry. Here is a picture of the famous bicycle in the tree that is a legend on the island. There is even a children's story about it. Then you see Sylvia and I riding the stationary bikes at Tramp Harbor - it's kinda an island joke. Then we climbed the lighthouse. They loved the Sound and the boats and beaches. We again ate seafood for lunch and dinner. Sunday after Church we will drive them over the Narrows Bridge and see some of the Peninsula. It will be hard to see them go on Monday, but they loved the area and especially all the beautiful rhodedendrons. They may even come again they said. It was a scary week with the tornado in Moore, Oklahoma. Connie was the true trooper and kept the kids safe. Our favorite stories were about Connie having the kids sing Primary songs while the tornado was going over, as they lay under a mattress in the bathroom, and choosing to sing "Book of Mormon Stories" and when the line comes "if they live" Megan yelled, "If we live!! Aren't we going to live?" Connie assured her they would live because they "live rightousely." Then later when they were helping with the clean up - giving out food and water and filling boxes, Trevor said, "Mom, you know why I love you and am glad that you're by Mom? It's because you are always serving." It sure is nice when your children notice things and learn because of them. Connie is always teaching correct principles. Lindsay and family had been up at Connie's the day before and we sure were glad they made it back to Dallas before the tornado hit. Thank all of you who called and texted Connie and kept her and her family in your prayers. She felt them immensely. Those were the ups and downs of our week along with still hunting and fixing apartments by Jerry and Carolyn helping missionaries in the office. All was successful and this week is the incoming of 32 missionaries and departure of 17. The work continues and we love seeing and loving these wonderful young elders and sisters.

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