Saturday, June 1, 2013

Saturday, June 1 Here is another month down and 5 to go. I have a new scripture to keep me going - Ezekiel 34:26 "I will make them and the places round about my hill a blessing; and I will cause the shower to come down in his season; there shall be showers of blessings." We have enough showers here that if blessings come with them, we are truly blessed. We've seen this already with the safety of Connie and children in the Moore tornado storms - another one on Friday night. They spent the night in a friend's storm shelter. They lost their fence and utility shed and electricity, but they are OK again. The weather here is even getting better as well as the mission. The week was very hectic but the weekend made up for all the hard work. Friday night we went to a nice seafood restaurant on the Sound to celebrate 45 years of marriage. Yes, it's been 45 years and hopefully this mission won't end the run. Sharing one bathroom may do us in especially if Jerry doesn't learn to turn off the shower and I get hit in the head with water one more time. Then Saturday was "Duck Daze" in University Place. It's the official end of rain and the beginning of summer. They have a parade wearing duck outfits and everyone and their dog marches. They also have a big fair in the park. I'll include a picture. Then we went to Olympia to visit with the senior missionary couple who are there doing extraction work at the archives. They showed us around the area and we had a fun visit with them and dinner. It was a full day but very enjoyable. They are from the Idaho Falls area. Back to the week of 32 new missionaries arriving and 14 going home. We served lunch to 50 and all week missionaries were in the office getting supplies for their new areas. Sometimes there was standing room only. It was good though to get to meet and talk to the new missionaries. Here are some quotes from the departing missionaries: "I love my name tag. I'm going to sleep with it on so I can still wear it. There is no growth in the comfort zone. There is no comfort in the growth zone. If you can't have confidence in yourself - have confidence in the Savior. We are what we consistently do. Remember whose name is on your name tag as well as yours. Why did God appear to a 14 year old boy? Because he asked. The only thing harder than coming on a mission is going home." These young people are very wise and I learn from them everyday. We have another Fireside Sunday night. Even with losing a lot of talent, I'm sure the Fireside will be wonderful. They sing and bear their testimonies and it is very inspiring. Hopefully we are calmer next week, but June will be getting ready to turn two zones and 30 missionaries over to the Federal Way Mission. We also have Elder Piper coming for a mission tour evaluation. Hope we pass. Hope your summers are starting off in great style. Those of you who go water skiing, take a lap around the lake and think of me. Love, Carolyn

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