Thursday, June 20, 2013

Thursday, June 20 I just had to record the feelings we had after our Mission Tour with Elder and Sister Pieper of the Seventy. We were able to have dinner with them and then he taught the missionaries for two days. We went today and he and his wife are marvelous people. They spent five years in Kazakhstan with his work. Found out where Kazakhstan is - east of the Caspian Sea, north of Afghanistan,south of Russia,and west of China. It's very large, with a population of 13 million. Their oldest son left there on his mission to Moscow. She said that the Lord's Plan is so much better than what we think ours is. Over there she was amazed to find that you can be an answer to someone's prayers and they had many missionary experiences. Elder Pieper gave us 5 hours of instruction - mainly for the young missionaries. He said he was a General Authority, not a specific authority. Here are some of his highlights for me: You don't need confidence in yourself, you just need confidence in Jesus Christ and expect to see miracles every day. His theme was Learn by Faith. We are all disciples first. He told the missionaries he was going to move them to help them be what they could be and to show them how to enjoy every day. I really need to focus on that one. Our big thrill of the other focus in our life was watching the trek of Connie, Lindsay and children from Texas and Oklahoma - ending in Washington tomorrow. All went well until Wendell when the timing belt went out and they were stranded. Peter Castagneto came to their rescue and they finally made it to Nampa. As soon as the car is repaired they will head for Washington and next week you will have a great saga of their adventures here. My favorite story of the trip was when they arrived in Nampa and Camden ran into our home and looked around and said, "Where are they?" Lindsay told him he had two more states to go. I was so touched. Of course they had me in tears as they stopped in Tremonton at Mother and Daddy's graves where Trevor sang "Jesus, Savior, Pilot me" to Grandpa Ned and sent me pictures of their visit. You never stop missing those loved ones. I'm posting two pictures. One is of a lily plant right outside our apartment. Everything grows here; and the other is at the office dinner party for Elder and Sister Pieper. President and Sister Weaver are sitting next to them.

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