Saturday, June 8, 2013

Saturday, June 8 It was a week that started with many baptisms to record. The missionaries have really been working hard. I love to record baptisms and send them off to Church headquarters - my little part of the conversion process. Now to get the missionaries to update their referrals. I got a lecture from the Referral Center on behalf of the whole mission. The President was going to give them the word. I felt badly that we got called on the carpet. It was Zone Conferences all week so the missionaries got lots of instructions. Had a few strange occurrences this week too. The Elders in Forks started the 4th of July celebration early by putting fireworks down their toilet and blowing it up. An Indian chief gave them the fireworks. The senior couple out there said the toilet deserved to be blown up. If they had waited the church would have bought the new toilet, now they have to pay for their damage. The man who owned a missionary apartment came into the office with the repair bill for maintenance and fix up - and it turned out to be Jerry's cousin. He actually lives in Arizona but owned a house up here he was renting as apartments. Jerry was so shocked. They had to call his sister who's on a mission in North Carolina and tell her who had found who. We've had great weather and so today we drove up to Mt. Rainier. They call it the crown of Puget Sound as it rises 14,410 feet and commands the horizon. It was a gorgeous drive through glaciers and glacier fed rivers, waterfalls and debris flows. We went to the Paradise Lodge which is situated at the base of the mountain. It was just magnificent. I will post some pictures. They really don't do the mountain justice. It erupted 2,000 years ago, but it is still active and at the top you can see the steam rising out of the fissures. We had great news and sad news this week. Keven came home from the Middle East and Connie and family are thrilled. Received McKay's graduation announcement and mission farewell invitation all in one. A year ago that wouldn't be possible. We are planning to be to the farewell. Then the heart wrenching news that Terah Young was operated on for ovarian cancer. We are sure praying hard that the treatments will be affective and she can have a wonderful future after this obstacle has been finished. She came to see us after we'd been here only a short time to give us encouragement and now it's our turn to encourage her. All of you please keep her in your prayers too. This week starts our preparation for Elder Piper and his mission tour and then the transfer of missionaries to the new Federal Way Mission. Lots of work ahead. Now enjoy the gorgeous Mt. Rainier.

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