Saturday, June 15, 2013

Saturday, June 15 I have to show you these two pictures. The AP's and OE's have been playing a game with me. We have their pictures up in the office on the bulletin board (Alison made me the shirts)and they decided to be funny and change their pictures. We laughed so hard when we saw them and their funny expressions. So last Monday I tried to get them back and had Alison forward me some funny bodies to put their real pictures on. I had them displayed when they came into the office. All week they kept changing pictures. All wanted to be Captain America or Superman. They are great elders and we so enjoy seeing them in the office and hearing about all that they are doing. I think you can get a feeling of their personalities from the pictures. Monday we had FHE at the Mission Home with President Weaver grilling. All the senior couples from all over the mission came in. Then Sister Weaver gave us a great lesson using M&M's and related them to Missionary Moments and Marvelous missionaries and if you turn them upside down it stands for world wide. The President ended his message with his favorite Trike story. I loved it. "A little boy went to visit his friend down the street on his trike. He didn't come back and didn't come back and his mother began to worry. Finally he returned and when she asked him where he had been for so long he said his friend's trike broke and he stayed to help. His mother said, 'but you don't know how to fix a trike.' He said, 'I know, but I could cry with him.'" Sometimes we don't know how to help someone, but we can cry with them and love them. I loved the story and was touched by it. Started two projects this week - transferring files of the 32 missionaries who will be going to the new Federal Way Mission and getting ready for Elder Piper to come for the Mission inspection and tour. It will be a big week and we hope we are prepared properly. I will report next week. We had a big week for baptisms too. I sent 24 forms to Salt Lake. We haven't had that many for months. Today we went with Clarkes and Trotters to Port Townsend. This was the port that was to be the biggest on the west coast, but when the railroad went to Tacoma instead, the town's prosperity evaporated. It is filled with beautiful Victorian houses and now the best shopping street on Water Way. We had a great lunch looking at the harbor and seeing the ferries come and go and then looking at all the unique shops. It was a great day and beautiful weather. This will also be a week to look forward to Friday when we get Connie, Lindsay and kids arriving for a full week. We hope to show them many beautiful areas that we have discovered and keep them busy while we're in the office and then have fun lunches and evenings with them, plus two weekends. The pictures ought to be great next week. Happy Father's Day to all our wonderful friends and family who are Father's. You all are the best.

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