Saturday, May 18, 2013

Saturday, May 18 Tomorrow we start the Mission Musical Firesides again, so I thought I'd post today not knowing what tomorrow holds. We had a week with plans for the Mission division starting. The President gave a good report of the realignment of the Washington Tacoma, Seattle and Everett Missions. Tacoma will lose two stakes to the new Federal Way Mission; Seattle will lose six stakes to Federal Way and get four stakes from Everett. He said, "It is a little hard to change something you love so much but as in Matthew 8 'Many times the Savior answers, 'I will' to all that is asked'" The missionaries are not eager to be moved. We will probably lose about 20 - 30. The President is trying to make it easier and exciting for those who go. He continued, "We are part of witnessing prophecy being fulfilled and as Elder Holland has said, "This is the generation when the work will not fail. This is the dispensation that will receive the Son of God as the Lamb of God, and we will hand to Him the Church of the Lamb." June is the big month when all this happens. Jerry has to have all the apartments that will be transferred to the new mission in top shape. When we have the May 28th incoming missionaries and transfers, then all will know who goes and who stays. It will be a difficult, but hopefully inspiring time. But we have great missionaries who will meet the challenge. Just to show you how fun, great and special they are, we had a fun experience on Friday. Jerry was off delivering mattresses and I was waiting to go to lunch with him when he got back. A couple of sister missionaries were in the office and complaining they didn't have any money left of their monthly allowance as they had bought new outfits for a baptism this weekend. Well, I can relate to needing new outfits, so I told them if Jerry had already eaten when he got back, then I'd take them to lunch. When Jerry finally returned he hadn't eaten and by this time I had another set of sisters in the office who were hungry too. So Jerry took 5 sisters to lunch. We had a great time visiting and listening to their experiences. They started talking about P-days and mentioned some had played ultimate frisbe. The others said that their zone only played basketball and it was the pits because the elders never chose the sisters to be on their team and they usually just sat and watched. Then one said, "Except when the nice elder gets to choose and then he chooses the sisters on his team because he is just nice." I told them I bet I knew which elder that was and guess what? Yes, I did. He is a great elder and so polite and kind. Well when we got back from lunch, who was the first elder in the office? Right, this kind one and so I told him what the sisters had said about him. He smiled so humbly and then his companion said, "Now he'll have a big head and I have to live with him." This is just a typical story showing how great these young people are - right - the chosen generation. We had to take some Chinese Book of Mormons today to the senior missionary couple in Sequim. Since Sister Trotter hadn't been to Sequim they went with us and we had a fun drive. I'm including a picture of an eagle we saw along the side of the road. Look carefully - it's on the branch of the dead tree. I haven't been that close to an eagle before. I'm working with soaring eagles everyday with these missionaries. I'm learning to be grateful.

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