Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sunday, May 5, 2013 We had a great start to a wonderful Temple week with the Mission President reporting on his meetings with Elder Holland. Here are some quotes from Elder Holland: "We each have our own road to Salvation, but we each have to pass through our own Gethsemane. We are not here to baptize, we are here for the Salvation of the Missionaries. Don't ask people to come to Church - ask them to come to the Savior." I thought each of those statements were very thought provoking - they mean much more after pondering. Three days at the Temple were wonderful and exhausting too. It's just that drive to Bellevue from here - about 1 hour but traffic is horrendous. They all drive Mercedes and Lexus, but they sure are set on wrecking them. Tuesday we got to be in the Temple. The Temple President began with a meeting with the missionaries. He gave a great message about listening and covenanting - it's their place for revelation. Then we were the only ones in the session - about 90 of us. The elders and sisters were so inspiring and perfect to watch. Then on each day we went back to the Stake Center next to the Temple for lunch. We had bought all the food and brought it up. So each day it was a repeat. On Wednesday we brought the food and Thursday we set up the luncheon and waited for the session to end. There were about 90 missionaries everyday as we had to divide into zones to go to the Temple. Thursday was Lindsay and Grandma Maria's birthdays. Matt took Lindsay to Lawry's for lunch and to see "Wicked" that evening. She had a great day. Grandma Maria had birthday cake at 93 and all were thrilled that she ate it and seemed to enjoy it. Jerry got to talk to her, but she doesn't say much back. That was a little hard. Friday was catch up day at the office after three days of absence. The highlight was taking Elders Lemieux and Esquivel to lunch. They had been helping Jerry carry furniture in and out of the new senior couples' apartment that are coming next week. It's so fun to talk to them one on one. Each have such individual and inspiring stories of why and how they are on a mission. On Saturday we started the apartment fixing up again for the next senior couple that will be coming in June. Jerry went furniture shopping - he now has a personal shopper at the furniture store that helps him and knows exactly what he wants. I went to the Mall and of course I can always find something. It was shoes this time. Standing and working in dress shoes everyday has been taking its toll on my feet. I need comfortable, but nice looking - I want sandals, but they aren't allowed. After our busy week of driving we really didn't feel like getting in the car again, so we just stayed and discovered some areas in Tacoma. We went to an area called Rushton to their Farmer's Market and then to their unique Metropolitan Market that sells everything. We have a unique dinner for this evening from things we bought. Also checked out a famous garden to take Pool's to when they come over Memorial Day weekend. Yeah, we get visitors. Jerry is determined to learn about rhododendrons and see if he can grow any in Nampa. They are all over here and bloom from January to Fall. There are so many different varieties and colors. We now even have a book about growing them. Kyle and McKay had their own missionary experience. His friend's daughter turned 8 and wanted to be baptized and wanted McKay to baptize her. She is his biggest basketball fan. So McKay baptized her and Kyle confirmed her. I wish I could have been there to see it. Greg said that all was great and then they went to the park for a dinner with the family. McKay is getting ready for his own mission and graduation this month too. We plan to come home quick for his farewell in July. Again, we should only miss a day in the office. Sister Trotter already said she'd cover for me. Another blessing being close to home, we can drive there!!! Hope all is well with each of you. We have been sent pictures of the house from both Kyle and Charla Francis, so we know things are well. Thanks for all of your help and support.

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